Bjernared to take back direct sales to UK customers

Starting October 1st, Bjernareds Sågverk AB, will take over sales to UK customers instead of working through Bosstimber. The plan was for this partnership to continue, but since the market and Bosstimber has grown, Bosstimber has proposed to end this specific partnership.

Bosstimber and Bjernared will continue to have other partnerships and areas of collaboration through mutual sales in some instances, subcontract planing and similar.

We are happy to take over a direct contact with our customers and we hope that this will enable a more direction relationship with our customers and increased business volumes together. On the markets where cultural differences are smaller, we prefer direct sales to build stronger relations. Therefore, we are happy and excited to go back to direct sales with our UK customers.

The sales will be handled by our Head of Sales, Oskar Joelsson, who already has responsibility for our other export markets where we sell directly to our customers.

Bjernared Sågverk AB would like to thank Bosstimber for this partnership and collaboration and hope that we can find other beneficial collaboration opportunities in the future!

Oskar Joelsson

Head of Sales & Business Development
Tel. 073 66 19 423

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