Bjernareds Sågverk to appoint its first ever Managing Director

Bjernareds Sågverk AB has grown in recent years. The operations now also consist of a new planing line, that needs external volumes to reach full production capacity. The company is investing in improvements this year as well as coming years. The industry is going through structural changes and the competition is fierce. 

Therefore, the Board of Directors and the owners to Bjernareds Sågverk AB have decided to appoint a Managing Director in order to ensure continues positive development for the business in the future and to create a more established management function in the business. The Managing Director role will be combined with other responsibilities.

As Managing Director, the Board of Directors has appointed Oskar Joelsson. Oskar has worked with us since April 2019 as Head of Sales and is son to one of our owners, Torbjörn Joelsson. Oskar has during his tenure with us successfully increased our number of customers and increased our sales. Before he started at Bjernared he studied Business & Economics in Chicago and worked for several years at Statoil and Circle K at a national level in Sweden as well as globally. His last role there was as CMO controller for the group CMO.

Oskar will keep his sales responsibility and will start as the company’s Managing Director November 1st 2020.

The Board of Directors wishes Oskar the best of luck in his new role and we are confident that his work will help us with our continued growth in the years to come.

Bengt Börjesson
Head of Board of Directors


Oskar Joelsson på Bjernareds Sågverk

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