Extra capacity for subcontract planing

In our new and moderns planing line we have the capacity to plane and regularise larger volumes than what we saw ourselves. Therefore we are always interested in subcontract work to fill up the production time in the planing line. For you it means access to a flexible partner for planing your products with high quality and exact dimensions. We can plane up to 300 mm wide and 100 mm thick and 7.2 m long. We also have capacity for both visual and machine strength grading and can re-cut to exact lengths and split.

We can help you with

  • Planing / Regularising 
  • Profile planing
  • Tounge & groove
  • Exact length re-cut
  • Splitting
  • Sorting


It is always worth asking us

You have the timber and we have the resources to ensure a quick and high quality planing. We can also arrange transportation for pickup and delivery of the goods, as long as it fills up a load. Contact us with your request!