When you want to get the best out of your forest

Bjernareds Sågverk is a reliable partner for professional help with felling, thinning, clearing, planting, and forest management plans. Thanks to our special assortment within coniferous and deciduous timber we can take care of your forest in the most profitable of ways. Always with your own goals and interest of your forestry in mind. Contact us when you consider updating your forest management plans.

Free guidance

If you are a forest owner in Halland, Western Småland or Northern Skåne you are very important to Bjernared. I offer you a safe, long-term relation with the best personal service. As a supplier of logs to Bjernareds Sågverk you always get free guidance in questions regarding the management of your forest. Also, if you are a forest owner with forest not ready for felling you are welcome to hire me for consultation.

Stefan Karlsson - Delägare på Bjernareds Såverk

Stefan Karlsson

Part-Owner / Sourcing Manager
+46 (0)70 247 10 45 / stefan@bjernared.se