Organic by-products from all our spill

Bjernared takes responsibility for the resources from the forest by using all our spill and separate it to useful organic by-products. We have adjusted our sawmill and integrated resources to handle the by-products in a rational and efficient way. The fractions are screened out and transported in separate conveyor belts to different storage compartments, where the wheel loader can fill our customers trucks from.

Hjullastare vid bark på Bjernareds Sågverk

Loading of by-products – Fridays at 11:00

Our organic by-products are sold to energy companies, industries and farmers. For safety reasons we do not have any sale to private persons, instead we ask you to buy our by-products from Kuskatorpet slightly south of Halmstad.

Loading of our organic by-products only occurs on Fridays at 11:00. Call us at 0346 – 557 20 to book your volumes.

Shavings from planing

The curly remnants from the planing is used for stable litter among other things.

Cellulose wooden chips

The surface layer under the bark of the log is chipped into a raw material for the pulp and paper industry.


The sawdust from our sawing is used as fuel for our kiln driers and as bedding for farm animals.


The large pieces of bark from the de-barking machine are shredded into mulch or mixed into garden soil.

Chips from root reduction

The root of the logs are milled off curing the measurement and chipped into fuel for district heating.

Grot - rishögar efter skogsavverkning


Branches from the felling are chipped into fuel for district heating, this is done in the forest.