Latest news from Bjernared

With an ever-changing world it is important to have an organization open to change and adaptation. With a strong belief in our future we are constantly exploring new ventures to create the best solutions for you who owns forest, need quality timber or are working with us.

Bjernared to take back direct sales to UK customers

Starting October 1st, Bjernareds Sågverk AB, will take over sales to UK customers instead of working through Bosstimber. The plan was for this partnership to continue, but since the market and Bosstimber has grown, Bosstimber has proposed to end this specific partnership.

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The construction of our new log sorting facility has started

The construction of the new measurement station and log sorting facility is now underway! Our existing facility has been outgrown to keep up with our needed capacity for log sorting and measuring. The old facility is also taking up valuable space that we want to use for more storage space.

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