Solid environmentally friendly timber 6.00m, 6.60m and 7.20m – never finger-jointed

We stand out against the competition with our unusual lengths and dimensions. Ever since our start in 1946 the ambition has been to directly produce towards the need of our customers and adapt our plant accordingly. Today we saw, kiln dry and regularise environmentally friendly carcassing timber, boards and beams in lengths up to 7.20m and dimensions up to 300×300 mm. Always with high quality and never finger-jointed. In order for our customers to get a more complete delivery we can also deliver standard lengths (2.4m to 5.4m) regularised at Bjernared and sawn at our partner mills.

Our ordinary spruce assortment

  • Machine graded carcassing wood for construction in lengths 6.00m, 6.60m and 7.20m.
  • Our normal planed dimensions for regularised C24: 45×95-245 mm, 70×145-245 mm.
  • Square beams: 100×100 mm, 125×125 mm, 150×150 mm… up to 300×300 mm.
  • Side boards, SF incl. VI, from 2.40 m up to 6.60 m, 22×100-200.
  • Barge boards V+, 6.60m and 7.20 m, 28/22 x 145/170/195 mm.
  • Regularised products up to 100 mm thickness and 300 mm width.

We can also offer standard lengths

We make it easier for our customers by offering standard lengths as a complement to our own long lengths. Through partner mills we can offer a more complete assortment that enables optimized transports.

  • C24: 45×95-245 mm in 2.4 m – 5.4 m lengths.
  • Square beams: 100×100, 125×125, 150×150 mm in 2.4 m – 5.4 m.

We deliver all the way

On our domestic market our customers are builders merchants, construction and packaging companies. Internationally we sell to builders merchants and importers or construction companies. We are happy to help you with the transportation from us to you.