Our Environmental Policy

“Bjernareds Sågverk produce sawn timber from wood that, to the largest possible share, comes from eco-friendly certified forests. We are working for this volume to increase. In a responsible way we fulfill our commitment towards employees, society, the environment and customers.”

Bjernared care about the environment

Bjernared complies applicable legislation and follow PEFC and FSC® requirements and intentions. Our production methods are conducted and improved in such a way that negative impact on the environment will be reduced.An example is our biomass-boiler that is powered by the waste from the mill and has low emission levels. We have also installed an energy conductor that controls all industrial electricity to minimize the total electricity consumption. Our environmental performance is an aggregate of what is possible technically, viable economically and justified ecologically.

Our working environment policy

We want everyone to enjoy their job, it should be fun to go to work.
We are constantly working to improve and secure our work environment, such as reducing various physical factors that can lead to injuries and illness.
Everyone should feel needed and have a positive impact on the company.
It is important that we have an ongoing work with systematic working environment work where laws and regulations for a basis for improvement.