Bjernared goes digital with its supplier invoices

To streamline our administration and to further ensure timely payments to our suppliers, Bjernared has today gone live with a digital administration and workflow of its supplier invoices. Our invoices will be handled digitally and scanned into our new system provided by Centsoft.

For you as a supplier that sends invoices to Bjernared this means:

Bjernareds Sågverk AB (556346-6456) is today changing its invoice address. Please update your register with our new address.

E-mail invoices to as an attached PDF-file. Each PDF is only allowed to contain one invoice. If there are attachments to the invoices they should be included in the same PDF-file as the invoice. Other attached files or text will not be scanned and handled.

Please observe that all other mail should still be sent to: 

Bjernareds Sågverk AB, 
Bjernared 202, 
311 67 SLÖINGE

If you have any questions, please contact Henrik at:
Telefon: 0346-55729

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