Bjernared over the years

Work in progress
Relocation of log area.

A new control system is installed in the drying unit.

The new planing mill is completed with a yearly capacity of 25.000 m3.

Bjernareds Sågverk’s 70th anniversery.

New 1400 m2 planing mill will allow us to plane up to 100 mm in thickness and 300 mm width. The facility is also equipped with a double band saw from AKE, which will increase our capacity when re-cutting to customer’s specific requirements.

Safety adaptation of the sawmill is made according to national environmental requirements.

A total rebuilding of the combination mill with a new control system is done.
Rosgrade is installed for strength grading (replaces previous Computormatic)
A new warehouse is built.

New wood shaving unit is built.

A new office with conference room was built alongside the sawmill building. The sawmill is a fenced area provided with an automatic gate.

WinSaw is installed. A computer system handling products, inventory, contracts, call-offs, deliveries and invoices, as well as production planning.

A new operating system is installed in the saw line.

We start sorting C24-wood mechanically.

A new feeding silo is installed to boiler.

A completely new sawmill is built with both new and renovated machines.

The 80:th
A root reducer is installed. The first modern wheel loader and truck purchases.

The 70:th
Denmark and Faeroe Islands are the major markets at this time. The assortment consists of fresh sawn beams reaching a maximum of 9 meters. They are mostly used for construction purposes.

Late 60:s
The demand for cellulose chips increases within the pulp industry, leading us to invest in a new barque- and cutter machine. The raw material now consists mainly of long timber of 18 metre units, which is cut into requested lengths using a tape measure and a chainsaw.

A new saw house with new and used machinery is built at Bjernareds. All machinery is now powered by electricity.

The first forklift is purchased.

The paraffin lanterns are turned off and the sawmill light is from now on powered by electricity.

The first sawmill starts in Bjernared, powered by a crude oil engine.